At MIT, Tiandra Ray '15 specialized in computational design; her thesis focused on the connection between built environments and mental health. Photo: M. Scott Brauer
Winter 2017

The Lens of Design

New initiatives from the School of Architecture and Planning sharpen MIT’s focus on design-based learning

Winter 2017

Wide-Open Spaces

Want creative thinkers? Help kids create, says Mitch Resnick

A doctor and patient in the hospital
Fall 2016

Intensive Analysis

A clinical database of unprecedented scope opens new avenues for improving critical care

MITx Digital Learning Fellow and Department of Physics lecturer Jolyon Bloomfield conducts a demonstration for students in 8.01 Classical Mechanics. The course runs on a "TEAL+x" model that delivers much of its core content online, maximizing time for in-class interactivity. Photo: Ben Bocko
Spring 2016

Strength in Education

New initiatives in residential and digital education go manus in manus with MIT’s mind and hand ethos

A cutaway view of the MIT team’s conceptual ARC design. The doughnut shape is consistent with existing fusion reactor designs; the relatively small size and modular nature of the components are notable. Advances in magnet technology make it theoretically possible for a device of this size to efficiently confine plasma at its center while heating it to temperatures exceeding that of the sun’s center. Illustration: Chris Philpot
Spring 2016

The Head of the Class

At the Plasma Science and Fusion Center, research shapes education—and vice versa