A view over Kendall Square and the Charles River, toward Boston (2011). Photo: Les Vants
Fall 2018

Founders Forward

What’s driving the new generation of biotech spinouts in Kendall Square?

Omar Abudayyeh, left, and Feng Zhang. Photo: Sarah Bastille
Spring 2018

To the Letter

In the Zhang lab, a leap forward in CRISPR-based genome editing offers precision RNA fixes with major therapeutic implications

Winter 2017

Surfacing Solutions

Bilge Yildiz is in search of materials for a sustainable energy future

Hemond, third from left, with students, collecting sediment in Thoreau's bog. Photo: Courtesy of the researchers
Fall 2016

An Element of Caution

Could chemicals key to sustainable technologies pose unseen environmental risks?

An illustration for the team’s March publication in Cell depicts possible paths of tumor evolution in relation to hills (presenting resistance to a drug), and valleys (sensitivity). Artwork: Boyang Zhao
Spring 2016

Cornering Cancer

Collaborative “systems biology” approach could steer tumors into submission