A group of USA Lab students spent two weeks in Maine learning about the state’s agricultural sector, with visits to sites including the Blue Ox Malthouse (pictured) in Lisbon Falls. Photo: Bearwalk Cinema

Minding the Gap

The first US-focused MIT Sloan action learning course grapples with the divides in American society

Data in a Major Key

Michael Scott Cuthbert advances musical analysis with his new music21 software.

Medical Anthropology

Erica Caple James investigates how behavior, culture, and structural inequalities impact health.

J. Meejin Yoon (left front) created this light and sound installation in Phoenix. Photo: Len Rubenstein

Creativity Within Constraints

J. Meejin Yoon creates large-scale, public art installations, including White Noise/White Light, which she designed for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Neri Oxman is shown before a prototype for an environmental screen, Fibonacci’s Mashrabiya, work inspired by fractal patterns found in nature. Photo: Len Rubenstein

Natural Design

Neri Oxman launched a new research initiative –– material ecology –– that merges architecture, engineering, computation, and ecology.

Left: Kwabena Bediako is working on an “artificial leaf” to make chemical fuel.  <br />
Right: Lucy Fan is helping to guide the evolution of the electrical grid. Photo: Richard Howard

An Energy Education

MIT students Kwabena Bediako and Lucy Fan are now contributing to the world’s energy future.