Susan Silbey. Photo: Jonathan Sachs
Spring 2018

Culture Shift

Expanding engineers’ horizons beyond engineering is essential to addressing the field’s gender imbalance, says sociologist Susan Silbey

Winter 2018

Vote of Confidence

The nonpartisan MIT Election Data and Science Lab champions the efficiency, integrity, and transparency of the democratic process

Fall 2016

Data into Action

Medical tech entrepreneur and investor Zen Chu on the digital reinvention of health care

From left, Parag Pathak, David Autor, and Joshua Angrist in the Morris and Sophie Chang Building, home to the MIT Department of Economics. Photo: M. Scott Brauer
Spring 2016

Informing Education

The School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative puts facts at the forefront of policy debate

Summer 2015

On the Road to a Better Commute

Transportation expert Carolina Osorio is aiming for less congestion, more reliable travel times, more efficient fuel consumption, and fewer emissions.