In October, more than 600 alumni and friends of MIT gathered in New York City to hear President L. Rafael Reif share his vision for the future of MIT, quickly followed by a November event in San Francisco that attracted an even larger assembly of 800. MIT’s mission, Reif told both crowds, “insists that we bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges. Many of you here tonight are leaders in living out this mission. And today, as humanity faces profound challenges and opportunities, I believe that research universities also need to be leaders. Leaders in education, leaders in research—and above all, leaders in solving problems, to make a better world.”

These were the first two in a series of regional events celebrating MIT’s capacity for such leadership, thanks in great part to its vibrant global community. Segments of that community have since gathered in Hong Kong, London, Tel Aviv, and Los Angeles in support of the MIT Campaign for a Better World—an ambitious fundraising effort to advance MIT’s ability to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. Already in this Campaign, the MIT community has come together to raise more than $3 billion through 80,000 individual gifts.

Attendees at Better World events have not only heard from President Reif but from faculty, students, and local alumni sharing their own world-changing endeavors: from pursuing a treatment for Alzheimer’s, to defining a lab-to-market path for “tough technology” breakthroughs, to inventing the farming of the future. The gatherings are a celebration of what the MIT community has already achieved, and a reminder of the indispensable role every member will play in meeting the bold goals of the Campaign for a Better World.

Join the MIT community

Alumni and friends are invited to join President L. Rafael Reif for a celebration of MIT, our vibrant global community, and our mission to build a better world.

Mexico City

Washington, DC


A special invitation for MIT Sloan alumni

Building on the Campaign for a Better World tour, MIT Sloan alumni are invited to join Dean David Schmittlein for additional, interactive events that will highlight the school’s impact in the world.

San Francisco

New York City


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