I wish more alumni could see MIT now, because it’s changed so much since we were there,” says Anne Hou, ‘83. “If they could see all the innovative, exciting work going on around campus, they’d want to be part of it, too.”

Hou, of Short Hills, New Jersey, is one of countless alumni volunteers across the country and the world who gave their time and energy to help The Campaign for MIT reach its $2 billion goal. She is a volunteer member of the Corporation Development Committee (CDC), a team which helps MIT chart the course of the Campaign and assists in cultivating and soliciting major gifts.

“The Campaign has been great,” she says. “It made possible the expansion of the physical campus, the focus on student life and learning, and wonderful new programs in nanotechnology and brain and cognitive sciences. It’s really exciting to see how the campus has evolved.”

Glen Dorflinger, of Houston, agrees. Earning a degree in mechanical engineering in 1946, he has been involved at MIT for nearly 60 years. Now he’s a member of the Alumni Fund Board, the CDC, and the Campaign Network, a group of regionallybased volunteers who work with staff to engage prospective donors in the Institute’s plans and priorities.

“MIT is a world treasure,” he says. “It does a tremendous amount for humanity and the world, so I’m pleased to support it and to work hard. I’m getting along in years, but as long as I’m able to help, I will. MIT did so much for me and still does. This is just a way of returning some of what I gained.”

“I view MIT as a labor of love,” says Mark Gorenberg of Los Gatos, California, who earned a degree in electrical engineering and computer science in 1976, and who became involved with MIT a decade ago. Now, he’s a member of the MIT Corporation, the CDC, and the Campaign Steering Committee, which serves a similar function as the CDC.

“Being involved with MIT in so many ways has been great,” he says, adding that by giving, he is actually the one who is receiving. “I’ve gained by meeting amazing people and by learning so much. It’s been great to stay on top of new advances changing the world and to get a glimpse of what life will be like in the future. To be connected to MIT, has been for me a huge reward.”