Prof. Barbara Liskov wins
Fall 2009

Top Prize

Institute Prof. Barbara Liskov wins the Turing Award, the “Nobel Prize” of computing.

About Women

Prof. Ruth Perry is the mother of the Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies, a group of scholars in women’s studies from nine Boston universities.

Ann Bookman studied the lives of employees at three Massachusetts biotechnology firms to determine how today's workers balance the demands of their jobs with the demands of home life and community involvement. Photo: Ed Quinn
Spring 2005

Work and Family

Ann Bookman, executive director of MIT’s Workplace Center, explores how workers in the new economy integrate work and family.

Jill Ker Conway -- historian, feminist, author of nine books, first woman president of Smith College, and visiting professor in the program in Science, Technology and Society since 1985 -- has made a lifelong commitment to empower women.
Spring 2001

Powerful Voice

Visiting Prof. Jill Ker Conway makes a lifelong commitment to empower women.

Fall 1999

Girl Games

Computer games are being designed just for girls. The goal is to help them eventually gain more equal access to careers in computers and technology.