Architecture student Daniel Landez ’21 works on a set design in W97, the new Theater Arts Building. Photo: M. Scott Brauer
Fall 2019

Setting the Scene

Student designers learn about architecture, engineering—and themselves

Photo of Alula Hunsen '21. Photo: Ken Richardson
Summer 2019

Academic Turn

Mathematical challenges take undergrad in a new direction

Janelle Sands ’19 and Brice Huang ’19 demonstrate their final project for Interactive Music Systems: Cello Hero, a gamified feedback tool for novice musicians. Photo: Rose Lincoln
Summer 2019

Tech Harmony

Students use programming to create new musical experiences

Classes began in the new Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories in the MIT.nano building this past fall. Photo: Ken Richardson
Winter 2019

Do It Yourself

By recreating a chemistry professor’s research, students build the foundations for future discoveries

Stephen Berenson '82 (left) and Matisse Peppet. Photo: M. Scott Brauer
Winter 2019

To Be Continued

Each MIT story is different—but those who give and receive scholarships share a sense of the possibilities

Winter 2019

Leading to Green

More efficient or more sustainable? Janelle Heslop helps businesses achieve both