Ernest Moniz, director of the MIT Energy Initiative. Photo: Ed Quinn

Here Comes the Sun

MIT’s faculty and students are working to make affordable easy-to-use solar power a reality, and have already made impressive contributions to this critical effort.

Anita Leyfell recently made a gift of thanks to MIT, because the Institute welcomed her husband when he immigrated.

At Home at MIT

Anita Leyfell establishes a fund in honor of her late husband, an MIT librarian.

Marilee Jones, MIT's dean of admissions, says that ample financial aid gives her office the ability to keep finding and admitting the brightest students in the world. Photo: Ed Quinn

Gaining Speed

The Campaign for MIT is picking up speed like a freight train, and among the big winners is financial aid.

Hobby Shop Director Ken Stone (at right) and shop member Rogelio Palomera-Arias work together to craft a table. Photo: Ed Quinn

Building Matters

Hundreds in the MIT community are transforming metal and wood into furniture, sailboats, violins, and airplanes at MIT’s 63-year-old hobby shop.

Richard Berlin, director of the Office of Campus Dining, says that being exposed to a variety of food is a necessary part of an education.
Photo: Ed Quinn

No More Meatloaf

Campus dining now offers more healthy, ethnic, and vegetarian choices.

Fall 1998

There Goes A Good Man

Mechanic Jesse Figueiredo has taught MIT students more about making friends than they ever could learn from a book.