Earl and Suzette Rennison (L), Colin and Erika Angle. Photos: Marc Longwood, Ken Richardson
Fall 2014

Philanthropic Investments

Earl and Suzette Rennison give MIT a scholarship, and entrepreneurs Colin and Erika Angle support innovation at MIT.

Daniela Yuschenkoff — who has worked at the San Francisco Zoo for six years — has a chance to fulfill a dream, thanks to donors Jacque and John Jarve. Yuschenkoff is shown here with a Harris Hawk.  Photo: Marc Longwood
Fall 2011

Saving Wildlife

Donors make it possible for Daniela Yuschenkoff, a sophmore and six-year volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo, to fulfill a dream.

John and Jacque Jarve live in Atherton, California, a long distance from Northern Ohio and the life John long ago left behind.  Photo: Marc Longwood
Fall 2011

Gift to Others

John and Jacque Jarve of Atherton, California, who established a scholarship to change lives, are a long distance from the life John long ago left behind.