Prof. Eric Klopfer directs a program for undergrads to become science and math teachers in grades 5-12. He is shown here with a game he developed to teach science and math. Photo: Len Rubenstein
Winter 2011

Educating Teachers

Eric Klopfer prepares undergrads to become science and math teachers in grades K-12.

Winter 2011

Imprint on the World

Instead of a state school, Mat Peterson is at MIT thanks to MIT’s OpenCourseWare.

Philip S. Khoury.       Photo: Ed Quinn
Summer 2010

Water: An Urgent Challenge for the 21st Century

Water is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century, and now more than 50 faculty members from across the Institute are working to find new solutions to this growing crisis.

Energy Club co-presidents Forgan McIntosh and Tim Heidel are shown at the cogeneration plant, which provides electricity to MIT with big environmental benefits.  Photo: Len Rubenstein
Summer 2010

Energy Club

“Interest level is at a fever pitch,” says Forgan McIntosh of MIT’s Energy Club, the fastest-growing extracurricular organization on campus.

Tish Scolnik. Photo: Len Rubenstein
Spring 2010

Changing the World Through Service

Thousands of MIT students are participating in public service projects across the globe to gain leadership skills and to better serve the world.