Climbing Higher

Hugh Herr, who lost both legs to frostbite, is designing artificial limbs that he predicts will be better than real ones.

John Maeda says the clean design of the iPod has made simplicity popular. Photo: Ed Quinn
Winter 2007

Less Is More

Prof. John Maeda writes The Laws of Simplicity, a guide to simplify business, technology, design, and life.

Assoc. Prof. Hiroshi Ishii, founder and director of the Tangible Media Group at MIT’s Media Lab, says Tangible Bits is like wearing a pair of eyeglasses to help us see the invisible. Photo: Ed Quinn
Fall 2004

Tangible Technology

By making bits something we can manipulate with our hands and perceive through our senses, Assoc. Prof. Hiroshi Ishii is working to bridge the physical world with cyberspace.

Fall 2004

Research Briefs

Insight into Alzheimer’s, cutting aircraft noise, and more.

Saul Griffith has developed low-cost vision-testing and lens-manufacturing inventions that could dramatically improve life for billions of people in developing countries. The great irony, he says, is “I didn’t need eyeglasses when I started the project, but now I do.” Photo: Ed Quinn
Fall 2004

New Invention

Saul Griffith developed a device to make low-cost eyeglasses that could benefit billions.

Jack Driscoll, editor-in-residence at MIT's Media Lab and former editor of the Boston Globe, is leading the charge to
Summer 2003

Community Computing

Jack Driscoll, editor-in-residence at MIT’s Media Lab, is arming people with the digital tools to publish their passions.

Known to have a song in his heart, Prof. Tod Machover has developed Hyperscore, software that makes it possible for kids to compose music like Mozart. Hyperscore can be downloaded free from the Toy Symphony website. Photo: Ed Quinn
Summer 2003

Toy Symphony

Prof. Tod Machover has invented software that makes it possible for kids to compose music like Mozart.

Joe Chung, co-founder of Art Technology Group, says:
Winter 2001

Sharing The Success

High-tech entrepreneur Joe Chung, ’89, recently established a $600,000 fund to honor a former professor at MIT’s Media Lab.

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Irene Pepperberg, a noted expert on parrot communication, is shown here with her African Gray parrots Alex, age 24; Griffin, age 5 1/2; and Arthur, age 2. In captivity, parrots can live to age 60.
Winter 2001

Smart Talk

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Irene Pepperberg says her African Gray parrot is so smart she is now teaching him to go online.