Prof. Gerbrand Ceder is doing his part to realize the promise of plug-ins. Photo: Ed Quinn
Spring 2008

Battery Technology

Prof. Gerbrand Ceder has developed a new battery, which he hopes will power a plug-in hybrid car that can recharge in the garage at night.

Prof. Gang Chen says thermoelectricity has
Spring 2007

Energy Saver

Thermoelectricity has been around a long time, but Prof. Gang Chen’s innovations, along with other MIT work, promise dramatic increases in efficiency.

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, inventor of Fab Lab, says that personal fabricators are about to revolutionize the world. Soon, he says, it will be possible for us to create any object we desire -- from a toy to a gadget to even another personal fabricator -- right on our desktop.
Spring 2006

Fab Lab

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld says the day is coming when we will produce our own products at home with a device called a personal fabricator.

Angela Belcher, an associate professor of materials science, has emerged as a path-finding inventor and innovator. Her best-known invention is a new technique for creating objects that range from minuscule wires, to energy-efficient solarpanel materials, to smart textiles that can signal the presence of dangerous infectious agents. Photo: Ed Quinn
Fall 2005

Building on Nature

Assoc. Prof. Angela Belcher draws on nature to create valuable materials and devices.

Vaccinia virus micrograph. Photo: Centers for Disease Control
Fall 2003

Research Briefs

Potential help for arthritis, a safer smallpox vaccine, and more.

Prof. Caroline Ross isn’t one to duck a challenge. Not only an accomplished scientist but an accomplished sailor, Ross is working with others to develop the most versatile memory chip ever created.
Fall 2001

Super Chip

Prof. Caroline Ross welcomes challenges from ocean sailing to devising the most versatile memory chip every created.

Prof. Sam Allen, began teaching blacksmithing at MIT 16 years ago.
Winter 2001

Blacksmith Shop

Dozens at MIT are learning the ancient craft of blacksmithing.