David Kaiser, Professor of the History of Science, senior lecturer in physics, and editor of Becoming MIT, is coming out with a new book, How the Hippies Saved Physics.  Photo: Len Rubenstein
Spring 2011

MIT Historian’s Tale

David Kaiser’s upcoming book contends that a group of hippie physicists helped launch a new field.

Prof. Sherry Turkle says if you don’t teach your children how to be alone, they only know how to be lonely. Photo: Richard Howard
Spring 2011

Alone Together

Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other reveals that we’re so busy communicating that we neglect each other.

Prof. Penny Chisholm, who recently wrote a book for kids, says understanding photosynthesis
Fall 2009

Living Sunlight

Prof. Penny Chisholm co-writes a children’s book that explains how the Sun creates life on Earth.

Elizabeth Cox, a teacher of creative writing at MIT since 2001 and author of five books - including <em>The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love</em>, <em>The Slow Moon</em>, and the short story collection <em>Bargains in the Real World</em> - has garnered an armful of honors.
Spring 2006

Awakening Others

Elizabeth Cox, a teacher of creative writing at MIT and the author of five books, has garnered an armful of honors.

Winter 2004

Science Fiction

Ed Keyes, president of MIT’s Science Fiction Society, says: “Maybe there are aliens. Who knows? The more you read, the more you realize you know nearly nothing at all.”

At 27, Junot Diaz’s book, Drown, a collection of short stories set both in Santo Domingo and New Jersey, caused a literary sensation. Now 34, Diaz is an associate professor in MIT’s Program in Writing, where he teaches creative writing and immigrant literature. Photo: Ed Quinn
Fall 2003

Literary Sensation

At 27, Junot Diaz wrote his first book, Drown, a literary smash. Now, Diaz is an MIT associate professor teaching creative writing and immigrant literature.

Prof. Peter Donaldson developed the MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive, where students get online access to a wealth of performance materials dating back to the 17th century. Part of the archive is available at shea.mit.edu/ramparts/ Photo: Ed Quinn
Summer 2003

Electronic Shakespeare

Literature Prof. Peter Donaldson has developed an online archive of prints and photographs that’s bringing Shakespeare to life.

Danny Fein was so bored he decided to write a novel. Photo: Ed Quinn
Spring 2002

Paperback Writer

Senior Danny Fein, who recently published his first novel, “Shattered Alliances,” is now writing a sequel.