David Kaiser, Professor of the History of Science, senior lecturer in physics, and editor of Becoming MIT, is coming out with a new book, How the Hippies Saved Physics.  Photo: Len Rubenstein

MIT Historian’s Tale

David Kaiser’s upcoming book contends that a group of hippie physicists helped launch a new field.

Prof. Sherry Turkle says if you don’t teach your children how to be alone, they only know how to be lonely. Photo: Richard Howard

Alone Together

Sherry Turkle’s new book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other reveals that we’re so busy communicating that we neglect each other.

Prof. Penny Chisholm, who recently wrote a book for kids, says understanding photosynthesis

Living Sunlight

Prof. Penny Chisholm co-writes a children’s book that explains how the Sun creates life on Earth.

Elizabeth Cox, a teacher of creative writing at MIT since 2001 and author of five books - including <em>The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love</em>, <em>The Slow Moon</em>, and the short story collection <em>Bargains in the Real World</em> - has garnered an armful of honors.

Awakening Others

Elizabeth Cox, a teacher of creative writing at MIT and the author of five books, has garnered an armful of honors.

Science Fiction

Ed Keyes, president of MIT’s Science Fiction Society, says: “Maybe there are aliens. Who knows? The more you read, the more you realize you know nearly nothing at all.”

At 27, Junot Diaz’s book, Drown, a collection of short stories set both in Santo Domingo and New Jersey, caused a literary sensation. Now 34, Diaz is an associate professor in MIT’s Program in Writing, where he teaches creative writing and immigrant literature. Photo: Ed Quinn

Literary Sensation

At 27, Junot Diaz wrote his first book, Drown, a literary smash. Now, Diaz is an MIT associate professor teaching creative writing and immigrant literature.

Prof. Peter Donaldson developed the MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive, where students get online access to a wealth of performance materials dating back to the 17th century. Part of the archive is available at shea.mit.edu/ramparts/ Photo: Ed Quinn

Electronic Shakespeare

Literature Prof. Peter Donaldson has developed an online archive of prints and photographs that’s bringing Shakespeare to life.

Danny Fein was so bored he decided to write a novel. Photo: Ed Quinn

Paperback Writer

Senior Danny Fein, who recently published his first novel, “Shattered Alliances,” is now writing a sequel.