Freshman David Young holds the
Spring 2009

Going Green

Freshman David Young, who developed “green” cement, is now building low-income houses in Guatemala.

Prof. Emma Teng’s work on the intermarriage of East and West has particular appeal at a time when Asia and the West are becoming increasingly integrated both economically and culturally. Photo: Ed Quinn
Winter 2007

Bringing Us Together

Prof. Emma Teng works to promote mutual understanding among people and eliminate racial conflict.

Yuan Wu and her husband, Dong Yin Wu, help prepare dinner with host family Juci and Henry Cunier. Photo: Ed Quinn
Winter 2007

One Family

International students are matched with local families, who make them feel at home.

Spring 2001

Inspired By A Dream

Jessie “Little Doe” Fermino, a Mashpee Indian, is working to revive the Wampanoag language.