Phytoplankton swirls reveal underlying currents, eddies, and flows in the ocean. Small-scale turbulent processes like these are crucial to the new climate model. Photo: NASA Earth Observatory
Spring 2021

Climate Futures

CliMA collaboration aims to reinvent Earth system modeling

Desirée Plata. Photo: Lillie Paquette
Spring 2021

Chemistry Cleanup

Desirée Plata devises new methods for decontaminating air, water

One project undertaken via J-PAL’s King Climate Action Initiative centers on reducing air pollution in Surat, a city in Gujarat, India. Photo: CRS Photo /
Spring 2021

A Breath of Fresh Air

Major new J-PAL initiative targets impact at the nexus of climate and poverty

The latest research from the MIT Energy Initiative outlines the value of including nuclear power in any plans to decarbonize the energy sector. Photo: Zhonguo
Summer 2019

Power Forward

MIT Energy Initiative plans for low-carbon future

Patrick White (photographed in the Plasma Science and Fusion Center) is focused on the policy questions that will arise from the new SPARC technology. Photo: Bryce Vickmark
Winter 2019

Looking Forward to Fusion

Technical policy scholar Patrick White joins the SPARC project to ask: what comes after success?