Climate change increases the risk of extreme events such as storms. Photo: Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Spring 2021

The Big Picture

MIT experts outline issues, offer hope for climate action

Alpha Arsano SM ’17. Photo: Erin Eve
Spring 2021

Keeping It Cool

Doctoral student helps architects design buildings to suit the climate and save energy

MIT’s Climate Resiliency Dashboard reveals potential risk to the campus from flooding. Image: Courtesy of MIT Office of Sustainability
Spring 2021

Campus Test Bed

MIT partners with Cambridge on flood-risk model for local, global benefit

Phytoplankton swirls reveal underlying currents, eddies, and flows in the ocean. Small-scale turbulent processes like these are crucial to the new climate model. Photo: NASA Earth Observatory
Spring 2021

Climate Futures

CliMA collaboration aims to reinvent Earth system modeling