Fall 2016

Data into Action

Medical tech entrepreneur and investor Zen Chu on the digital reinvention of health care

Anna Frebel studies stars residing of the Milky Way, visible here above Chile's Las Campanas Observatory. Photo: Yuri Beletsky
Fall 2016

Points of Light

Astrophysicist Anna Frebel studies the oldest stars for clues about how the universe was formed

Hemond, third from left, with students, collecting sediment in Thoreau's bog. Photo: Courtesy of the researchers
Fall 2016

An Element of Caution

Could chemicals key to sustainable technologies pose unseen environmental risks?

MITx Digital Learning Fellow and Department of Physics lecturer Jolyon Bloomfield conducts a demonstration for students in 8.01 Classical Mechanics. The course runs on a "TEAL+x" model that delivers much of its core content online, maximizing time for in-class interactivity. Photo: Ben Bocko
Spring 2016

Strength in Education

New initiatives in residential and digital education go manus in manus with MIT’s mind and hand ethos