The latest research from the MIT Energy Initiative outlines the value of including nuclear power in any plans to decarbonize the energy sector. Photo: Zhonguo
Summer 2019

Power Forward

MIT Energy Initiative plans for low-carbon future

Patrick White (photographed in the Plasma Science and Fusion Center) is focused on the policy questions that will arise from the new SPARC technology. Photo: Bryce Vickmark
Winter 2019

Looking Forward to Fusion

Technical policy scholar Patrick White joins the SPARC project to ask: what comes after success?

A cutaway view of the MIT team’s conceptual ARC design. The doughnut shape is consistent with existing fusion reactor designs; the relatively small size and modular nature of the components are notable. Advances in magnet technology make it theoretically possible for a device of this size to efficiently confine plasma at its center while heating it to temperatures exceeding that of the sun’s center. Illustration: Chris Philpot
Spring 2016

The Head of the Class

At the Plasma Science and Fusion Center, research shapes education—and vice versa