Christopher Knittel focuses on transportation policy. Photo: Len Rubenstein
Spring 2012

The Economics of Energy

A major part of Christopher Knittel’s attention-getting research focuses on the economics of transportation policy.

“It has been a long and winding road from clay stoves in Orissa to a cap-and-trade program,” Michael Greenstone says. Photo: Len Rubenstein
Spring 2012

Cookstoves and Biomass

A research supergroup studies the health consequences of energy consumption in India.

Kristin Forbes, a founder of Deworm the World, has seen firsthand
Fall 2011

Deworming the World

Kristin Forbes, co-founder of Deworm the World, is helping to boost school populations in developing countries.

Michael Greenstone says:
Winter 2011

Data-Driven Decisions

Economist Michael Greenstone provides the data people need to make critical decisions about climate change and energy supply.

Amy Finkelstein has no idea how much she pays for tolls. Photo: Ed Quinn
Spring 2009

Hidden Cost

Economist Amy Finkelstein says the ability to zoom through a tollbooth has a price.

Prof. Dan Ariely explores in his latest book why people consistently make foolish economic choices. Photo: Ed Quinn
Fall 2008

Predictably Irrational

Prof. Dan Ariely has written a new book that explores irrational economic thinking, like why we value things more when we pay more.