Spring 2007

‘Divine Wind’

In a twist of fate, Prof. Kerry Emanuel’s book, highlighting hurricane disasters, went on sale within days of Katrina.

MIT ecologist Penny Chisholm says we know precious little about the planet. For example, she says,
Winter 2003

Rx for Earth

MIT ecologist Penny Chisholm is studying the planet, helping to ensure that the world stays liveable.

Satellite map of a hurricane.
Image: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Winter 2000

Research Briefs

Keeping fat away, a weapon against infections, and more.

Fall 1998

Fall 1998

Crazy Climate

MIT’s Elfatih Eltahir is a hydrologist who studies cycles of flood and drought. His studies reveal what’s normal variability, helping us figure out humankind’s impact on climate.

Spring 1998

Spring 1998

Climate Change

Oceanographer Carl Wunsch says predicting global climate change could be worth billions.