Jianzhu Chen’s work may one day lead to a cancer vaccine. Photo: Len Rubenstein

Resisting Cancer

Jianzhu Chen is working to harness the immune system against tumors.

Prof. Richard Hynes provides insight into how cancer spreads.  Photo: Richard Howard

Binding Cells

Prof. Richard Hynes, an MIT biologist, provides insight into how cancer spreads.

Prof. Forest White hopes his work will lead to an effective new treatment for the most common type of adult brain tumor, glioblastoma - the kind that killed Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.  Photo: Richard Howard

Cancer Drugs

Prof. Forest White of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research is working to develop novel drug treatments.

Tom Peterson stands before MIT's new cancer facility slated to open later this year. Photo: Richard Howard

‘Exciting Opportunity’

Tom Peterson ’57 gives a major gift to MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, because he says that whatever MIT touches turns to gold.

Darrell Irvine hopes to imbue the body's natural defenses with superhero powers. Photo: Thomas Gearty

New Materials

Prof. Darrell Irvine is using new materials to power up the immune system against disease.

K. Dane Wittrup is developing a class of cancer drugs inspired by the immune system's own disease-fighting antigens.  Photo: Thomas Gearty

Enemy Invaders

Molecular bioengineer K. Dane Wittrup is designing cancer-fighting drugs.