Ed Linde hopes to help educate leaders who'll solve world problems.  Photo: Len Rubenstein
Summer 2009

Educating Leaders

Ed and Joyce Linde, along with the Linde Family Foundation, announce a $25M gift for undergraduate financial aid.

Andrew Sutherland developed Quizlet, a web tool to help students around the world. Photo: Ed Quinn
Summer 2009

Quiz Yourself

Freshman Andrew Sutherland develops Quizlet, a web-based study tool to help students around the world.

Winning Player

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric who transformed the company from a bureaucracy into a powerhouse, is teaching a class at MIT Sloan.

Prof. Suzanne Berger says “focusing just on cheap labor is never a winning strategy.” Photo: Ed Quinn
Summer 2007

Choices Matter

Prof. Suzanne Berger examines what companies are doing to make it in today’s global economy.