Anywhere people face challenges related to water and food—which is to say, just about everywhere—you are likely to find MIT students and recent alumni building projects and companies around creative solutions.

Food Distribution
Getting maximum value from crops for those who need them, and those who grow them
Coolify, India
Love Grain, Ethiopia
MoringaConnect, Ghana
Qasta, Ecuador
Small Farm Fresh, US (CA)
Voca, Tanzaniaproduction
Food Production
Implementing technology and practices that improve agricultural yield
FaunaPhotonics, Denmark
GroveLabs, US (MA)
Jaybridge Robotics, US (IA&IL)
Maa-Bara, Kenya
Mars Global Chocolate, Indonesia
Raptor Maps, US (MA)
recicLARVA, Nicaragua
Smartgrow, Vietnam
Water Assessment
Gathering and analyzing information about existing water supplies and systems
CleanData CleanWater, Ghana
Mokane, Brazil
MyH20, China
Water Diplomat, Iran
WellDone International, Tanzaniatreatment
Water Treatment
Converting unusable water into usable supplies and addressing sanitation issues
AquaFresco, US (MA)
Cambrian Innovation, US (CA)
change:WATER, Jordan
ED4India, India
Fog Harvesting, Chile
Gradiant, US (TX)
Zimba, India

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