MIT students are amazing.

They believe they can change the world. And MIT is there to help them.

Few institutions have the ability to produce leaders like MIT. Here, the best students in the world, along with the best faculty, work to solve problems and ignite the innovative solutions that students carry with them into society.

Each year, students graduate from MIT and go on to become stars in virtually every field — science, architecture, finance, business, politics, academia, robotics, computers, and more. But MIT’s remarkable students do not wait until they graduate to become leaders. Some are making a difference in the life of the world while still undergraduates.

For example, freshman Zachary Bjornson-Hooper reported that airline water was contaminated with microorganisms and later the U.S. Congress made it illegal for airlines to serve the tainted water. Sophomore Angelica Weiner designed and implemented a computer project for young women at a school in Ecuador to teach them the skills to land jobs. And at age 20, Sadik Antwi-Boampong recently established the first library in an underprivileged town in Ghana.

The ability of MIT students to take action is legendary, says Chancellor Phillip Clay, who is responsible for graduate and undergraduate education. “What prepares our students for leadership,” he says, “is that they focus on solving problems that really matter to people — whether it’s developing a medical technology, making airplanes lighter or quieter, or helping people who need clean water develop technology tools — the focus on useful knowledge and taking action sets our students apart.”

Clay adds that when that focus is tied to passion, we have leaders and entrepreneurs of great promise. “The special opportunities we give students is our contribution to the nation and the world.”

The young men and women on these pages are a few of MIT’s amazing students — who all have a genius for leadership.