Daniel Dock has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The 19-year-old junior, who has practiced magic for 10 years, knows 400 magic tricks, including a levitation trick where he floats four inches off the floor.

Dock, who has performed in 50 magic shows and who never reveals his secrets, can turn a dime into a quarter and can float a dollar bill in thin air. His favorite trick involves telepathy. Flip to any page in a magazine, and he’ll tell you what’s on the page.

“Magic takes people back to a time when they were a kid and everything was possible,” he says. “It teaches you to be a more creative thinker and helps you think without limits. If you really believe something is possible, then it can be.”

Dock says he’d love to make magic a career, but in case things don’t work out, he’s studying management at MIT and will likely become a financial consultant – a job where it will pay to have a magic touch.