MIT’s campus underwent a major reinvention during the Campaign for a Better World. Historic buildings were ushered into the modern age. New residence halls opened, and libraries were revamped. A new facility was dedicated to groundbreaking work in nanotechnology. A portal between academia and industry—and a new gateway to MIT—was established in Kendall Square, while homes for music, design, computing, and Earth and environmental sciences took shape.

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Completed Since 2011

1. Theater Arts Building (Building W97)
The rejuvenation of a former warehouse on Vassar Street creates a home for MIT’s theater arts program, which has more than doubled its enrollment in recent years.

2. New House Residence (Building W70)
A thorough renovation brought new life to the 115,000-square-foot residence that is home to 290 undergraduates in nine living groups.

3. David H. Koch Childcare Center (Building W64)
With 11 classrooms, as well as playgrounds, climbing structures, and gardens, this new facility serves children of faculty, staff, and students.

5. Richard J. Resch Boathouse (Building W8)
A substantial renovation of this circa-1966 crew boathouse added space for more shells, new fitness areas, upgraded locker rooms, and a larger viewing deck on the Charles River.

6. New Vassar Residence (Building W46)
MIT’s new undergraduate residence hall built on the site of the old West Garage parking facility provides 450 students with housing close to the heart of campus.

8. Kresge Auditorium (Building W16)
A meticulous renovation of Kresge Auditorium, the Eero Saarinen-designed “main stage” of MIT, stabilized the features of this mid-century Modernist landmark while improving visitor comfort.

11. MIT Chapel (Building W15)
The renovation and renewal of the landmark chapel designed by Eero Saarinen brought about needed repairs.

12. Samuel Tak Lee Building (Building 9)
The substantial renovation of this building provides dedicated space for the innovative STL Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab.

13. Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel (Building 17)
The renovation of the Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel, used since 1938 to test aerodynamics, establishes the most advanced academic wind tunnel in US academia.

14. Building 31
Building 31, home to the departments of aeronautics and astronautics and mechanical engineering,  has been transformed into an inspiring, collaborative space for research in autonomous vehicles, turbomachinery, energy storage, and transportation.

15. Great Dome (Building 10)
Erected in 1916, the Great Dome underwent a full restoration, returning the skylight to brilliance for the first time since it was blacked out during World War II and restoring the Baker Library reading room.

16. Lisa T. Su Building—MIT.nano (Building 12)
MIT.nano, inside the Lisa T. Su Building, supports the activities of more than 2,000 faculty and researchers as they work on projects at the nanoscale (one billionth of a meter).

18. The Simons Building (Building 2)
Home to the Department of Mathematics and portions of the Department of Chemistry, this was the first of the Main Group of 100-year-old Beaux Arts buildings to receive a comprehensive renewal.

19. Hayden Library and Courtyard (Building 14)
The renovation of Hayden Library and the Building 14 Courtyard, central elements of the campus for more than 70 years, creates an intellectual town square that fosters connection and collaboration.

21. Ralph Landau Building (Building 66)
A modernist icon, this I. M. Pei ’40-designed building, home to the Department of Chemical Engineering, has been refreshed.

22. MIT Museum (Building E28)
Occupying 67,000 square feet in Kendall Square, the new museum spotlights collections curated by experts on MIT-based invention.

23. Moghadam Welcome Center, MIT Admissions, MIT InnovationHQ (Building E38)
This new multiuse building in Kendall Square welcomes prospective students and visitors and provides spaces for student innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate.

24. Kendall Open Space
Two acres of landscaped green spaces and open spaces invite the MIT and Cambridge communities to gather, connect, and discover.

25. Graduate Residence and Childcare (Building E37)
Rising above the Moghadam Welcome Center and MIT InnovationHQ in Kendall Square, this new residence provides 454 apartments for graduate students and a childcare facility.

26. Morris and Sophie Chang Building (Building E52)
The complete renovation of this Art Deco gem along the Charles River, home to the Department of Economics and administrative offices and student services the the MIT Sloan School of Management,  revived an aging facility while creating the state-of-the-art Samberg Conference Center.

Under Construction

4. Burton Conner Residence (Building W51)
A renewal project slated for completion in fall 2022 will restore this beloved residence’s infrastructure and prepare it to serve students well for years to come.

7. Music Building (Building W18)
A new music building sited next to Kresge Auditorium will provide a dedicated home for MIT’s conservatory-level music program, which annually enrolls more than 1,500 students.

17. MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing (Building 45)
The centralized headquarters for the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will be an interdisciplinary hub for research and innovation in computing, artificial intelligence, and related fields.

20. Earth and Environment Building (Building 55), Green Building (Building 54)
A new building adjacent to the I. M. Pei ’40-designed Green Building will add a major new hub for environmental and climate research. Meanwhile, infrastructure improvements will modernize the iconic Green Building.

In Design

9. Metropolitan Storage Warehouse Building (Building W41)
A renovation of this historic building will provide a new home for the School of Architecture and Planning, the recently established Morningside Academy for Design, and a Project Manus-run makerspace open to the whole community.

10. Stratton Student Center (Building W20)
A renewal of the Stratton Student Center will improve design, infrastructure, and flexible-use space in this 24/7 central hub of student life.


  1. Sarah Roach

    campus is kinda ass. stata and the stud r ugly. new vassar is weird. why do we live next to athletic fields make them go somewhere else.

  2. Bill Nelson

    Very impressive and well designed additions to a very dynamic campus. Another idea could be a roundabout at Mass. Ave. and Memorial Drive which would open up access to all directions, would reduce wait time, eliminate a traffic light, reduce accidents, be an education tool in handling roundabouts. I realize you are not in the road building business but you could have some influence especially where this is one of the main entrances to the campus.

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