Jerome Friedman, MIT Professor Emeritus, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Painter
Salvador Luria, Founder of MIT’s Center for Cancer Research, Nobel Laureate in Biology, Sculptor
Sidney Altman ’60, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, MIT Dramashop
Richard Feynman ’39, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Drums
Erik Demaine, MIT Professor, MacArthur Fellow, Origami
Tim Berners-Lee, MIT Professor, Founder of the World Wide Web, Singer
Donald Sadoway, MIT Professor, Actor
Jay Keyser, MIT Professor Emeritus, Jazz Trombone
Charles Zhang ’94, Chairman and CEO, Sohu Musical Theater Guild
Alex Dreyfoos ’54, Co-founder, Photoelectronics Corporation, Oscar for Technical Achievement
Amar Bose ’51 ’52 ’56, Founder, Bose Corporation, Inventor of the Bose Sound System
Mahendrajeet “Miki” Singh ’86, Co-founder, Art Technology Group, Rock Singer, The Singhs
Alex Rigopulos ’92 ’94 , Co-founder, Harmonix Music Systems, Gamelan Gala Tika
Eran Egozy ’95, Co-founder, Harmonix Music Systems, Clarinet
William Warner ’80, Founder, Avid Technology, Recipient of Oscar and Emmy
Ben Bernanke ’79, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank, Saxophone
Tom Scott ’66, Sound Engineer, Recipient of Academy Awards for Sound Mixing
Ronald McNair ’77, Astronaut, Saxophone
Cady Coleman ’83, Astronaut, Flute
Carlos Prieto ’58, World-class Cellist
Tom Scholz ’69 ’70, Rock Guitarist, Founder Boston
John Underkoffler ’88 ’91 ’99, Science and Technology Advisor to Steven Spielberg
Gerald Katell ’62, President, Katell Productions, Actor and Producer
Pardis Sabeti ’97, Geneticist, Rock Singer, Thousand Days
John Miller ’64, Minnesota Orchestra, Bassoonist
Andrew Silver ’64 ’67, Filmmaker
Eliot Mack ’96, Lightcraft Technology, Inventor, Prevision Virtual Studio System
Rajesh Mehta ’86, Founder, ORKA-M Singapore, Hybrid Trumpet Player, Ensemble Leader
Jay Jackendoff ’69, Co-director, Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts, Clarinet
Mary Farbood ’01 ’06, Creator of Hyperscore, Harpsichord
Stephanie McGuire ’96, Marshall Scholar, Professional Opera Singer
David Breitman ’76, Director, Historical Performance Program, Oberlin Conservatory, Piano
Elaine Chew ’98 ’00, Founder and Director, Music Computation and Cognition Lab, USC, Piano
Jose L. Elizondo ’95, Nuance Communications, Composer
Michael Good ’79 ’81, Founder of Recordare LLC, Inventor of MusicXML, Tenor
Kenneth E. Goodson ’89 ’91 ’93, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford, Baritone, Cello, Vocal
Michael Koerner ’49, President, Canada Overseas Investments, and Chancellor, The Royal Conservatory of Music, Piano
Peter Godart ’15, Mechanical Engineering, Jazz Piano, Organ, A Cappella
Emily Jackson ’12, Chemical Engineering, Flute
Nathaniel Atnafu ’14, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Bass
Rebecca MacRae ’14, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Piano
Latifah Hamzah ’12, Mechanical Engineering, Violin
Vineet Gopal ’14, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Flute
Shu Zheng ’13, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Piano
Tochukwu Okoro ’14, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT Rambax (drumming)
Chelsi Green ’13, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Alto, MIT Chorallaries