Ranganathan spent a week in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, in 2016 as an undergraduate studying environmental science. Photo: Courtesy of Meghana Ranganathan

Tuning the Model

Meghana Ranganathan uses math and machine learning to improve how climate predictions are made

Photo of the professor. Photo: M. Scott Brauer

Life in the Field

Juanjuan Zhang pushes marketing science forward, inspired by its original pioneer

García-Abril and his partner, Débora Mesa (pictured far left), live with their children in Brookline, Massachusetts, in a prefabricated home of their own design. Photo: Artemio Fochs Navarro

Stones and Beams

Ensamble Studio’s Antón García-Abril challenges basic notions about how (and where) buildings can be made

Submissions to the contest “C’était Paris en 1970” reveal—through their creators’ choice of subject, framing, and sometimes pointed captions—how thousands of amateur photographers viewed the capital’s history and radical urbanization. From left: “The Elderly in Paris Before the Expulsion (on the rue Payer whose buildings are destined to be demolished soon)” (anonymous); “New and Old Buildings of Paris, Citroën, rue de Ginoux” (anonymous); and “The Big Movie Theaters of the boulevard des Italians” (André Guillemenot).

This Was Paris

An excerpt from Catherine E. Clark’s book on the changing conventions of photography

Sarah Womble, Omar Ebrahim, and Jesse Darden in Schoenberg in Hollywood, in November 2018 at Boston Lyric Opera. Photo: Liza Voll Photographary/courtesy of BLO.

Composing History

Tod Machover turns to the past—and a fellow composer—for inspiration