Paths of discovery cross every day at MIT, propelling groundbreaking research and furthering personal development. Although it’s not always clear where a path will lead, MIT aims high, working to ensure that humanity’s collective trajectory is pointed toward a brighter future.

GelSight Mobile, the company’s handheld instrument, visualizes and measures the 3-D topography of surfaces such as fabric, diamond, and hair. Image: Courtesy of GelSight Mobile

A Helping Hand

MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem boosts sensor tech startup

Janelle Sands ’19 and Brice Huang ’19 demonstrate their final project for Interactive Music Systems: Cello Hero, a gamified feedback tool for novice musicians. Photo: Rose Lincoln

Tech Harmony

Students use programming to create new musical experiences

Caitlin Mueller uses robotic 3-D printing to test architectural designs for non-standard elements, such as these culled tree limbs used to build a trellis. Photo: Alan Silfen

Building Bridges

Caitlin Mueller uses digital tools to link architecture, engineering

Photo: Trong Nguyen

Food Process

Professor Deborah Fitzgerald examines the history of mass-produced food

Researchers studying how machine learning will impact future employment have found that, in most occupations, humans and machines will need to work together because they provide different skills. Illustration: Niki Hinkle

Reinventing Jobs

Researchers measure the suitability of machine learning in the workplace

Photo of Alula Hunsen '21. Photo: Ken Richardson

Academic Turn

Mathematical challenges take undergrad in a new direction

Jessica Van Brummelen assists a high school student during an App Inventor workshop. Photo: Sarah Bastille

App Magic

Jessica Van Brummelen finds purpose in software development

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