MIT is playing a key role in helping to ensure the sustainability of human civilization into the future. Across the Institute, and across the world, faculty and students are pursuing transformative research to address the urgent challenges of water and food.

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Afreen Siddiqi and James Wescoat hope a network of sensors will allow more efficient use of water and the energy used to transport it, while increasing yield of wheat.

Rocks for Crops

Antoine Allanore’s work focuses on sustainably extracting metals from ore.

Mapping Soil Moisture from Space

Dara Entekhabi’s work could affect a range of issues from our understanding of the conditions for life on Earth to agriculture in Africa.

On the Ground

Wherever people face challenges related to water and food, you’re likely to find students and recent alumni building projects and companies.

On the Road to a Better Commute

Transportation expert Carolina Osorio is aiming for less congestion, more reliable travel times, more efficient fuel consumption, and fewer emissions.

Key to Quantum: Diamonds

Dirk Englund says the next chapter in the history of technology is not simply about faster computers.

Ancient Life, Cast in Stone

Tanja Bosak’s work explores how the Earth changed from one antithetical to complex life forms to one supporting an explosion of such organisms 540 million years ago.

Medical Anthropology

Erica Caple James investigates how behavior, culture, and structural inequalities impact health.

Atomic Insights

Ju Li has created a window into a world where things are inconceivably small and change inconceivably fast.

Water Challenges

Doug ’75 and Deborah Brown support research on new techniques for purifying water.

Catalyzing Change

“I see the impact of climate change on the world,” John Carlson (’83) says.

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