Ernest Moniz, director of the MIT Energy Initiative. Photo: Ed Quinn

Here Comes the Sun

MIT’s faculty and students are working to make affordable easy-to-use solar power a reality, and have already made impressive contributions to this critical effort.

Ram Sasisekharan was worried that the bird flu might affect people, causing a global pandemic. Photo: Ed Quinn

Bird Flu

Thanks to a new finding by biologist Ram Sasisekharan, the bird flu virus may not endanger human life.

Heidi Nepf's work has relevance

Restoring Balance

Prof. Heidi Nepf says that plant life can help repair damage to nature.

Prof. Sandy Pentland says that understanding honest signals will make us better managers, workers, and communicators. Photo: Ed Quinn

Honest Signals

Prof. Sandy Pentland says that understanding our unconscious social patterns can make us better managers, workers, and communicators.

Prof. Yung Ho Chang is one of China's top architects. Photo: Ed Quinn

New Design

Prof. Yung Ho Chang, one of China’s top architects, is now building a sustainable town in Shanghai.

Amy Finkelstein has no idea how much she pays for tolls. Photo: Ed Quinn

Hidden Cost

Economist Amy Finkelstein says the ability to zoom through a tollbooth has a price.

Freshman David Young holds the

Going Green

Freshman David Young, who developed “green” cement, is now building low-income houses in Guatemala.

Justin Tan establishes a chain of stroke clinics across Southeast Asia. Shown in the photo above him are stroke victims at his clinic. Photo: Ed Quinn

Power of Inspiration

Senior Justin Tan is establishing a chain of stroke rehabilitation clinics across Southeast Asia.

Freshman Ben Gulak develops the Uno. Photo: Len Rubenstein

Top Invention

Ben Gulak invents an electric motorcycle and lands on the cover of Popular Science magazine.