Nurturing a Dream

A scholarship is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a chance to realize your dreams. MIT scholarship recipients tell what this gift means to them.

Ted Selker has been part of a team that launched a nationwide review of voting procedures following the 2000 election. Photo: Pam Berry

Voting Procedures

Prof. Ted Selker says we learned many lessons from the 2000 voting debacle, ones we’ll use as a guide in 2008.

Cancer survivor David Koch gives $100M for cancer research. Photo: Ed Quinn

Empathy for Others

Cancer survivor David Koch makes a $100 million gift to create an integrative cancer research center that he hopes will find the cure.

Prof. Susan Silbey says that advertisers have lots of power. Photo: Ed Quinn


Prof. Susan Silbey teaches an MIT course on power. What is it? Who has it? And how can you get it?

Bernie Gordon says we need to educate engineers to also embody leadership qualities. Photo: Ed Quinn

Educating Leaders

One of the best engineers in the country, Bernie Gordon gives MIT $20 million to prepare students for engineering leadership.

Asst. Prof. Kristala Prather’s message to the Senate was that biofuels have a lot to offer but aren’t a quick fix. Photo: Len Rubenstein

New Life

Asst. Prof. Kristala Prather is engineering bacteria and other living organisms to produce biofuels and other useful products.

Assoc. Prof. Pawan Sinha says 60 percent of all cases of childhood blindness in India are preventable or treatable. Photo: Ed Quinn

Treating Blindness

Prof. Pawan Sinha is helping blind children in Indian villages to regain their sight.

Siddharth Shriram establishes a scholarship in honor of his late father, shown in the frame. Photo: Mustafa Quraishi

Gift of a Scholarship

Siddharth Shriram of New Delhi, India, establishes a scholarship in honor of his late father.