Ernest Moniz (top), director of the MIT Energy Initiative, and Robert Armstrong, associate director. Photos: Ed Quinn

Powering Up

The scope of today’s energy challenge demands both a new level of understanding and brand new solutions. Researchers in MIT’s five schools are busy providing both.

Fred and Carole Middleton make a series of major gifts to MIT because, says Fred, “We feel MIT can help provide leadership... benefiting the whole world.

Major Gifts

Fred and Carole Middleton give a series of gifts to help MIT lead the world.

“I have a sense of gratitude for my experience at MIT, and I want others to share the same rewards,” says Robert Gladstone, who is shown here with his wife, Leslie. Photo: John Harrington

Giving Back

Robert and Leslie Gladstone establish a fund to provide unrestricted support to MIT.

Prof. Emma Teng’s work on the intermarriage of East and West has particular appeal at a time when Asia and the West are becoming increasingly integrated both economically and culturally. Photo: Ed Quinn

Bringing Us Together

Prof. Emma Teng works to promote mutual understanding among people and eliminate racial conflict.

Leona Samson’ studies of DNA repair mechanisms promise new strategies for cancer. Photo: Ed Quinn

Revealing DNA

Prof. Leona Samson hopes that one day treatments for cancer can be tailored to individual patients by determining how DNA repairs itself.

John Maeda says the clean design of the iPod has made simplicity popular. Photo: Ed Quinn

Less Is More

Prof. John Maeda writes The Laws of Simplicity, a guide to simplify business, technology, design, and life.

Yuan Wu and her husband, Dong Yin Wu, help prepare dinner with host family Juci and Henry Cunier. Photo: Ed Quinn

One Family

International students are matched with local families, who make them feel at home.

Doria Holbrook became a national diving champ — a first in MIT history. Photo: Ed Quinn

Diving In

Doria Holbrook is a national diving champ, who hopes to qualify for the Olympic trials in 2008.