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Beyond Borders

International engagement is becoming more important than ever before, and to respond to the new environment, MIT is educating a new generation of global leaders and citizens.

Lloyd J. Old is chairman of the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Fund, and is a leading cancer researcher. Photo: Angus Osborn

On a New Track

The Daniel K. Ludwig Fund creates a new MIT research center, the most generous gift to U.S. cancer research in history.

Prof. Ian Hutchinson says undergraduate enrollment in nuclear science and engineering is now at an all-time high. Photo: Ed Quinn

Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Ian Hutchinson says graduate fellowships in nuclear engineering are vital to addressing the global energy crisis.

Prof. Robert Weinberg is leading an unprecedented effort to understand how and why cancer spreads. Photo: Ed Quinn

Taming Metastasis

Prof. Robert Weinberg, who has helped unveil key aspects of how tumors spread, heads a new center devoted to probing this lethal cancer phenomena.

‘Divine Wind’

In a twist of fate, Prof. Kerry Emanuel’s book, highlighting hurricane disasters, went on sale within days of Katrina.

Prof. Gang Chen says thermoelectricity has

Energy Saver

Thermoelectricity has been around a long time, but Prof. Gang Chen’s innovations, along with other MIT work, promise dramatic increases in efficiency.

Assoc. Prof. Melissa Nobles examines the national census in the U.S. and Brazil, and explores the politics that lie behind the counting. Photo: Ed Quinn

All About the Count

Assoc. Prof. Melissa Nobles examines the national census and explores the politics that lie behind the counting.

Jason Katz-Brown learned all 100,000-plus words in the official Scrabble dictionary. Photo: Ed Quinn

Scrabble Champ

Junior Jason Katz-Brown, one of the country’s top Scrabble players, recently held the title as the North American expert.

Inspired by the effects of global warming, Mitchell Joachim saw a compelling need to meet the world’s energy needs by designing a house that’s grown instead of built. Photo: Bob Handelman

Beyond Green Design

Mitchell Joachim, an MIT architect, says people may one day grow their houses instead of building them.

Anthony Sun believes that MIT students should work abroad. Photo: Ed Quinn

A Broader View

Tony Sun, ‘74, believes MIT students need global experience. “Being the best engineer alone is insufficient…unless (you) have a broader view of…the world,” he says.