Ann Bookman studied the lives of employees at three Massachusetts biotechnology firms to determine how today's workers balance the demands of their jobs with the demands of home life and community involvement. Photo: Ed Quinn

Work and Family

Ann Bookman, executive director of MIT’s Workplace Center, explores how workers in the new economy integrate work and family.

Amy McCreath, coordinator of MIT’s Technology and Culture Forum, says:

People of Principles

For 40 years, MIT’s Technology and Culture Forum has provided discussions about the ethical implications of science and technology.

Pablo Boczkowski, an assistant professor at the Sloan School of Management, is the author of

Digitizing the News

Prof. Pablo Boczkowski recently wrote “Digitizing the News,” a new book that investigates how daily newspapers in America have entered the online world.

David Berry says that it was actually MIT Prof. Robert Langer who gave him the insight to make his discoveries when he told him to think in the context of big problems. “As I looked at my microcosm of research, I asked myself, How can I use these results to treat stroke or cancer?” Photo: Ed Quinn

Winning Ideas

Grad student David Berry wins the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Invention for developing revolutionary approaches to treat stroke and cancer.

Assoc. Prof. Eric Klopfer, who directs MIT's Teacher Education Program, trains about 40 teachers a year. Klopfer and his colleagues are using game-like tools to educate students who've grown up with commercial products.

Playing Games

Assoc. Prof. Eric Klopfer, director of MIT’s Teacher Education Program, is using game-like tools to educate kids.

Mriganka Sur and other MIT brain scientists are teaming up with physicians to study and treat autism. Sur is now examining the genetic roots of autism and is also setting the stage for drug-based therapies. Photo: Ed Quinn

Medical Progress

Mriganka Sur and other MIT brain scientists are teaming up with physicians to study and treat autism.

Meiling Gao, a 20-year-old chemical engineering major, spent last summer working in an Ohio hospital where she had the chance to witness open-heart surgery. She landed the assignment after participating in MIT's Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP), an initiative for engineering sophomores. Watching the surgery, she says, was

Professional Practice

Meiling Gao, who recently trained with a cardiovascular surgeon and who witnessed open-heart surgery, says she had the great experience thanks to the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program.

Warner Brothers is turning one of Karl Iagnemma’s short stories into a movie that will be produced by Brad Pitt. Photo: Ed Quinn

Hollywood Calls

Research scientist Karl Iagnemma recently published a book of short stories. Now, Warner Brothers is turning it into a movie that will be produced by Brad Pitt.

Frank Quick, who says integrity is crucial, recently gave MIT a scholarship to benefit undergraduates.

Empowering Others

Frank Quick ’69 of San Diego, who attended MIT on a scholarship, gives MIT $250,000 to establish a scholarship for others.