Simmons Hall, Steven Holl's 350-student dormitory is a 385-foot-long structure dotted with horizontal and vertical holes. Holl says the cut-out design was inspired by a sponge he used one morning while bathing. He designed the cut-outs to create lounges, terraces, and cafes—all designed to bring students together. Photo: Andy Ryan

The Build Up

MIT’s new buildings are as diverse, innovative, and bold as the work that will go on inside them.

Assoc. Prof. David Mindell, along with oceanographers and engineers, has developed technologies that launched the field of deep-sea archeology. The break-through makes known details of the past that never were known before. Photo: Ed Quinn

Deep-sea Archeology

Assoc. Prof. David Mindell has developed technologies that launched a whole new field of study –– deep-sea archeology.

Hose Kim, '81, became an orthopedic surgeon, just like his Mom always hoped. Photo: Laurel Hungeford

Gift of Gratitude

Hose Kim’s late Mom always wanted him to become a doctor. Now an orthopedic surgeon, he recently established a scholarship in her name.

A self-described nerd, Michael Best spent much of his career focused on engineering and science questions, but he always felt vaguely dissatisfied

Community Computers

Michael Best of the Media Lab is now exploring how information technology improves life in the developing world.

Luk Van Parijs, an assistant professor at MIT's Center for Cancer Research, studies the immune system.

Healthy Promise

Asst. Prof. Luk Van Parijs is now working on a technique for slowing rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, cancer, and more.

MIT ecologist Penny Chisholm says we know precious little about the planet. For example, she says,

Rx for Earth

MIT ecologist Penny Chisholm is studying the planet, helping to ensure that the world stays liveable.

MIT freshmen Juha Valkama and Jessica Huot this year won the national ice dancing competition in Finland, then went on to the World Championships in Nagano, Japan.

Amazing Grace

World-class ice dancers Jessica Huot and Juha Valkama are now freshmen at MIT.

Sophomore Kyle Rattray was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 3. Now cured, he's volunteering in an MIT research lab to help find a cure for others. He also established the MIT Cancer Society, is planning a cross-country bike ride to raise money for cancer research, and volunteers at a Boston home offering shelter and support to cancer patients and their families. Photo: Ed Quinn

Committed to Others

Sophomore Kyle Rattray was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 3. Now cured, he’s volunteering in an MIT research lab to find a cure for others.

Harl Aldrich details his family story in a column on MIT's alumni website. Photo: Ed Quinn

His Cousin, the King

Harl Aldrich, ’47, who traced his family back 10 generations, discovers he’s related to Elvis.