Sharing The Wealth Within

MIT students — who are involved in community service more than ever before — say the more you give, the more that flows right back.

MIT Chancellor Phillip Clay outside Simmons Hall. Photo: Ed Quinn

Campaign Update

Thanks to the Campaign, the Institute is creating new buildings that are reshaping not only the campus but also MIT’s educational life.

The SAE fraternity houses recently were sold, and now, Paul Marcus, '81, along with other SAE alumni, are sharing the wealth not only with MIT but with the wider community. Photo: Ed Quinn

Spirit of Giving

SAE alumni continue a long tradition of service by being generous not only to MIT but also to the wider community.

Building A Career

Real estate developer Ed Linde, who has developed 140 properties across the country, says he could never be a man without a city.

Prof. Lawrence Vale says most cities throughout history share the amazing ability to spring back from disaster and move on. After the September 11 attacks, he took a closer look why. Recently he and others launched MIT's Resilient Cities project, a series of lectures that focuses on urban trauma and recovery. View the lectures at Photo: Ed Quinn

Making A Comeback

Cities share the amazing ability to spring back from disaster, says Prof. Lawrence Vale, who examines why they’re so resilient.

Anne Whiston Spirn, professor of landscape architecture and planning, says cities should exist in harmony with nature. Their survival depends on it.

Natural Cities

Anne Whiston Spirn says cities must be designed in harmony with nature in order to survive.

Biology Prof. Harvey Lodish and his colleagues have found what may be a better treatment for diabetes. In the U. S. alone, an estimated 17 million are afflicted with the disease. Photo: Ed Quinn

Lucky Gene

The findings of biology professor Harvey Lodish may yield a new treatment for diabetes.

Troy Littleton has appointments in biology and brain and cognitive sciences and is a member of the Picower Center for Learning and Memory. Long-term, he hopes his work will aid the struggle against not only Huntington's but other neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Photo: Ed Quinn

Neural Quest

Asst. Prof. Troy Littleton is searching for solutions to neurological disorders, including Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Grad student Sharotka Godzina is shown here with her black-and-white still life of laboratory glassware by Tony Cragg.

Great Finds

Students borrow top-quality art — including original Andy Warhols — in MIT”s Student Loan Art Program.

Ravi Kapoor knows 700 jump rope tricks. Photo: Ed Quinn

Happy Heart

Sophomore Ravi Kapoor is a national jump roping champ.