William Isaacs, a leader in the study of dialogue, says:

The Art of Dialogue

Dialogue expert William Isaacs says that problems between people often stem from an inability to conduct a successful dialogue.

Grad student Kim Wegbreit jokes with Ken Morse, who teaches networking skills as part of a class on high-tech entrepreneurship at the Sloan School of Management.

Charming Company

Building a successful firm requires good communication skills, says Ken Morse, who is teaching networking skills at the Sloan School.

Public speaking is a great skill to have in life, say members of MIT's Debate Team, where membership has nearly tripled in the past year. Shown here is team member Kristen Landino and President Raj Krishnan.

Creating Communicators

Public speaking is a great skill to have in life, say members of MIT’s Debate Team, where in the past year membership has nearly tripled.

Twenty-five-year-old entrepreneur Niel Robertson, who recently gave MIT $431,000, says:

Saying Thanks

Niel Robertson, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, recently gave MIT $431,000 in honor of his parents.

Joe Chung, co-founder of Art Technology Group, says:

Sharing The Success

High-tech entrepreneur Joe Chung, ’89, recently established a $600,000 fund to honor a former professor at MIT’s Media Lab.

Changing Habits

Ann Graybiel, an MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences, hopes her efforts will yield remedies for unwanted habits.

Saul Simon lost his hearing to a rare disease. Then he got a cochlear implant.

The Hearing Arts

Saul Simon lost his hearing. Then he got a cochlear implant and can hear again thanks to MIT Research Scientist Donald Eddington.

Prof. Sam Allen, began teaching blacksmithing at MIT 16 years ago.

Blacksmith Shop

Dozens at MIT are learning the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

Architecture Prof. Jan Wampler and 11 grad students recently designed a microvillage, a 50-unit housing community in the area of Turkey that was hit by the 1999 earthquake, which killed 25,000 and left another 200,000 homeless.

Thinking Small

Architecture Prof. Jan Wampler and 11 grad students designed a 50-unit housing community in Turkey.

Prof. David C. Page and his colleagues found that the DNA on the male-oriented Y chromosome has mutated less than twice as rapidly as its X-based counterpart.

Research Briefs

Work with serotonin may someday yield strategies for overcoming brain disorders, and more.

Freshman Stephen Samouhos, who has been an actor for seven years, plans to double major in physics and aeronautics and astronautics.

Acting Professionally

Freshman Stephen Samouhos is a professional actor who has landed lead roles off-Broadway.

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Irene Pepperberg, a noted expert on parrot communication, is shown here with her African Gray parrots Alex, age 24; Griffin, age 5 1/2; and Arthur, age 2. In captivity, parrots can live to age 60.

Smart Talk

Visiting Assoc. Prof. Irene Pepperberg says her African Gray parrot is so smart she is now teaching him to go online.

Hanging Up The Tie

Experts at the Sloan School say business predictions for the 21st century include more casual dressing for men.