The Greatest Work On Earth

Many MIT faculty — leaders in environmental studies — are now working on green building design, efficient energy production,and global climate change.

Lee and Geri Martin recently established at MIT the Martin Family Society of Graduate Fellowships in Sustainability, an honor society of top graduate students in environmental studies.

Dream For The Earth

Lee and Geri Martin’s gifts to MIT are supporting the life and health of the world.

Alec Dingee, who has launched seven successful businesses, and who has been an entrepreneur for nearly five decades, recently launched the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, which matches prospective entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors who provide them with the know-how to start a successful start-up.

Good Company

Alec Dingee, ’52, creates an MIT service to help entrepreneurs start a successful start-up.

Jill Ker Conway -- historian, feminist, author of nine books, first woman president of Smith College, and visiting professor in the program in Science, Technology and Society since 1985 -- has made a lifelong commitment to empower women.

Powerful Voice

Visiting Prof. Jill Ker Conway makes a lifelong commitment to empower women.

Linguistics Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa recently created StarFestival, an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM to help children across America live happier and more productively in a diverse society. On the wall behind him is a poster of Asian actor George Takei from Star Trek, his childhood hero, who narrates the program.

Two Worlds Touch

Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa creates “Star Festival,” an interactive CD-ROM to help students explore their cultural identities.

The ancient cratered terrain of Mars

MIT Research Briefs

Animals have complex dreams, researchers find a substance that stops weight gain, and more.


Inspired By A Dream

Jessie “Little Doe” Fermino, a Mashpee Indian, is working to revive the Wampanoag language.

Helena Fu, a junior studying urban planning and math, gave up her spring break this year to work with the homeless in Ashland, Tennessee. She organized a seven-day trip to the Penuel Ridge Retreat Center there, rounding up 10 other MIT students to join her.

Changing A Heart

Junior Helena Fu gave up her spring break this year to work with the homeless in Tennessee.