Winners For Life

MIT students say it’s great to participate in athletics. Sports builds character, and in life that’s the winning edge.

Named dean of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, Tom Gerrity built it into one of the best business schools in the world. Last year he stepped down from the job to spend more time with his children.

Life In Balance

Tom Gerrity, ’63, who recently gave MIT $2M to support the new Sports and Fitness Center, believes in balancing work and play.

Chancellor Larry Bacow says:

Campaign Update

As we approach the one-year mark, the Campaign for MIT is a tremendous success.

Grad student Vikram Kumar, who is shown here presenting a check to MIT's Betsy Tarlin, says:

Giving Is Gain

Grad student Vikram Kumar donates part of his scholarship to MIT.

Novelist Helen Elaine Lee is shown reading to her 20-month-old son, Jordan.

Light Out Of Darkness

Asst. Prof. Helen Elaine Lee, the author of two critically acclaimed novels, says given that life brings loss, how can we make it a positive experience?

Architect Bill Mitchell says that
digital telecommunications networks will soon change our neighborhoods, cities, and homes.
Photo: Ed Quinn

Future Community

Architect Bill Mitchell writes that digital telecommunications networks will soon change our neighborhoods, cities, and homes.

The toughest challenge yet for Astronautics Prof. Larry Young is making interplanetary travel safe for humans. He is shown here with a model of the Space Shuttle. Photo: Ed Quinn

Targeting Mars

Astronautics Prof. Larry Young, who has long advocated expeditions to Mars, is working to make interplanetary travel safe for humans.

Biology Prof. Leonard Guarente says that the idea of slowing the aging process is no longer unthinkable. Photo: Ed Quinn

Secrets of Aging

According to Biology Prof. Leonard Guarente, slowing the aging process is no longer unthinkable.

Inventor Amy Smith is shown here with her mill that converts grain into flour ten times faster than it takes to do the job by hand. Photo: Ed Quinn

Inventing Solutions

Amy Smith, the first woman to win the $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, invents solutions to Third World problems.

Hobby Shop Director Ken Stone (at right) and shop member Rogelio Palomera-Arias work together to craft a table. Photo: Ed Quinn

Building Matters

Hundreds in the MIT community are transforming metal and wood into furniture, sailboats, violins, and airplanes at MIT’s 63-year-old hobby shop.

Assoc. Prof. Dava Newman, shown donning a space helmet, works to keep astronauts alive in dire situations. She recently won MIT's MacVicar award for great teaching. Photo: Ed Quinn

You Do What?

Assoc. Prof. Dava Newman has fun at parties telling people what she does for work.