The Solve conference, taking place on the MIT campus October 5-8, 2015, seeks to answer the hard questions of our time, questions that must be addressed now to prepare for a future that is just a short time away.

Solve will investigate challenges in the context of four content pillars: LEARN, CURE, FUEL, and MAKE. Each pillar focuses on one central objective and identifies a series of questions that approach that objective by breaking it into smaller pieces. These questions are at the center of the conference, where each will be explored to help us understand both the opportunities for progress toward our objectives and the barriers to achieving it.

MAKE — Provide the infrastructure and economic opportunity to support a world population of nearly 10 billion by 2050.

  1. How will we make the Internet accessible to all people, everywhere?
  2. How will we make new buildings and create modern cities, using less energy and producing less waste than is possible with current construction practices?
  3. How can we make the tools required to enable anyone to innovate, and thereby usher in a new era of entrepreneurship and innovation?
  4. How can we spark a new era of business innovation that enables all who work to benefit equitably from the value they create?

“Everything is connected. I build robots: that changes people’s jobs, and that changes their education. As we build things, that uses energy. And robots are going to have to help [within health care as well], because of demographic changes.”
Rodney Brooks — curator, MAKE

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