MIT attracts the world’s top graduate students, who drive discovery in every field, collaborate with faculty on research, and teach and mentor undergraduates. These stellar students are key to the strength and integrity of the Institute, and their work enhances our reputation as a leader in education and research.

MIT faces tough competition from other schools for these top students. That’s why a key priority of MIT’s Campaign for Students is endowed fellowships, which are a permanent source of support. Even when government priorities change or research funds go down, these funds remain available, supporting a long line of recipients and affecting generations of students.

Key to the Campaign for Students are MIT Energy Fellowships, available for first-year doctoral students planning to study energy; fellowships for graduate students in the new Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research; MIT Presidential Fellowships, unrestricted grants given to the best candidates in every field for the first year of graduate study; and Legatum Fellowships, which support MIT students committed to launching businesses in low-income countries.

The Campaign for Students, which kicked off in the fall of 2008, aims to raise at least $500 million to support scholarships and fellowships as well as funds for student life and learning. Thanks to the generosity of 32,904 alumni and friends, the Campaign has reached 71 percent of its $500 million goal as of August 2009. MIT’s sesquicentennial in 2011 — when the Institute will celebrate 150 years of education and research — will mark the end of the Campaign for Students.

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