Students say a scholarship is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s an adventure. A journey. A chance to grow. It’s a chance to learn about various fields of study; it’s freedom to discover and explore; and it’s a shot to gain knowledge that might one day transform not only your life but the life of the world. A scholarship, students say, is great because it brings you into the company of world-class faculty and students. It brings you new perspectives, new ideas, new passions, and new plans.

And it makes it possible for you to fulfill your dreams — whether it’s launching a company, curing diseases, finding solutions to the world’s energy problems, building a rocket, or even blasting off the earth to explore another planet.

Some say a scholarship is an incentive, motivation to do your very best, because even on days when you have your doubts, someone is counting on you to be a star.

But many students say that receiving a scholarship is not entirely about you. When someone helps you to earn a world-class education, it makes you realize, maybe for the first time, how much we need each other to succeed.

You begin to think beyond yourself and how you might use that education to make life better not only for you but for others. And often, students say, you feel so grateful for receiving the scholarship, it makes you realize that maybe the only way you can ever really show your appreciation is to one day help someone else.

The students on these pages say that a scholarship is a special chance — a chance to dream, a chance to succeed, a chance to soar.