You and I jump rope for one minute and can’t breathe. Then there’s Ravi Kapoor, who has been known to jump rope for five hours a day.

“It’s fun,” says Kapoor, who has participated in 25 competitions. Twice he ranked second in the country.

The 19-year-old sophomore, who studies electrical engineering and computer science, and who knows 700 jump rope tricks, jumps not only for joy but for health. He has traveled to 22 states and 6 countries to educate children, spreading the word that the sport is great cardiovascular exercise and a great way to stay in shape.

Each year in elementary school, Kapoor participated in Jump Rope for Heart, going door-to-door to get pledges for the American Heart Association. When people refused to give, he’d say, ‘Wanna see a show?’ Amazed, they returned to the door with dollar bills.

Happiest jumping to peppy music, Kapoor says: “It’s great to have a happy heart.”