Click image to see it full-size. Image: Tom Gearty
Click image to see it full size.
Image: Tom Gearty

MIT students are known to be intrepid explorers, making frequent expeditions to the top of the Great Dome. But this week sophomores (from left) Evan Denmark, Sean Burchesky, Alicia Cabrera-Mino, and Henry Kavle blazed a trail to the top of a snowy peak on Albany Street, behind Simmons Hall.

With more than 40 inches of snow blanketing the Boston area over the past two weeks, snow removal efforts on the MIT campus have engineered this new five-story-high mountain of snow (click on the image to see it full size).

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  1. how did yal do it?
    I am over here at Berklee and been pondering the best way to get rid of snow all week, but haven’t thought of anything in this large of a scale yet

  2. F. McNeil ‘81

    Well, I guess us old-timers can retire the Great Blizzard of ’78 as a point of reference for comparing snow accumulations. Of course, ours was real snow – the good old-fashioned coal-fired stuff; not the digitally-enhanced, gluten-free fluff that kids use nowadays…

  3. Could someone please be kind enough to post some approximate dimensions and an approximate estimate for how much snow was piled up — in tons or kilograms, please?

    I think it would be really cool to have such an estimate before the snow melts away. Thanks in advance.

  4. David

    It is 20 feet high, i.e. two stories, at least as of Feb 18. This photo is taken from a very low angle which exaggerates the height.

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