(Clockwise from top) WiTricity, 3-D printing, the Copenhagen Wheel, and PillPack were among Time Magazine's top inventions of 2014.
(Clockwise from top) WiTricity, 3-D printing, the Copenhagen Wheel, and PillPack were among Time Magazine’s top inventions of 2014.

‘Tis the season for a look at the “year’s best,” in categories ranging from books and film to innovations and inventions. Among TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2014 were ideas that also caught MIT SPECTRVM‘s eye during the year.

No more power bricks and tangled cords: Wireless power charging is coming to market, says WiTricity chief executive Alex Gruzen ’84, SM ’86.

WiTricity was founded by several MIT researchers—including Professor of Physics Marin Soljačić ’96, physics department head Peter Fisher, and John Joannopoulos, the Francis Wright Davis Professor of Physics. Over the last year, WiTricity has begun licensing its technology to companies developing new computing devices (Intel), electric vehicles (Toyota), and medical implants (Thoratec). Keep reading about WiTricity.

3-D Printing of… Everything
Makers and designers have been quick to embrace 3-D printing technology, creating everything from toys to furniture to footwear. Now, the medical community is realizing its potential to tailor innovative medical devices to individual patients’ needs and tastes.
More about medical 3-D printing.

Digital fabrication also holds promise for the construction of buildings. Associate professor of architecture and director of MIT’s Digital Design Fabrication Group, Larry Sass, envisions a new delivery system for buildings that will enable architects to send computer-designed plans directly to manufacturing—perhaps soon to be 3-D printed.

As proof of concept, Sass built a digitally fabricated house for an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Keep reading “3-D Printed Buildings for a Developing World

PillPack is a full-service pharmacy cofounded by Elliot Cohen MBA ’13, designed especially for people who must manage multiple medications. PillPack was born out of a Hacking Medicine hackathon held at MIT in 2013. The company was recently honored with a spot on the website BostInno’s 2014 “50 on Fire” list for its innovative health care solution that promises to be industry changing.
Read more about PillPack and 50 on Fire.

The Copenhagen Wheel
Call it Biking 2.0. The Copenhagen Wheel — a sleek red disc that snaps into a bike’s rear wheel, transforming it into a hybrid — is helping biking enthusiasts looking to boost their pedal power. MIT spinout Superpedestrian, Inc., the company behind the Wheel, believes its smart wheel will ultimately transform quality of living in cities, by enabling more seamless mobility through them.
More: “Turn Your Bike Into a Hybrid With This Smart Wheel

Check out the full list of TIME‘s best invention picks at its website.

Discover even more groundbreaking inventions hatched at MIT at SPECTRVM.

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