Image: Courtesy Forbes
Image: Courtesy Forbes

For the fifth year, Forbes magazine celebrates “America’s most important young entrepreneurs, creative leaders and brightest stars” with its “30 Under 30” lists. More than 25 MIT alumni, students, faculty, and researchers under the age of 30 were honored this year.

Peter Bailis (Entreprise Tech)
Postdoc, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

“26-year-old Bailis finished his PhD in computer science at Berkeley and accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in Stanford’s computer science department, starting in fall 2016. He wrote his PhD thesis on large-scale data management and is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.”

Sampriti Bhattacharyya G (Manufacturing and Industry)
Founder, Hydroswarm

“Bhattacharyya has developed underwater drones that are capable of scanning the ocean for lost planes, or measuring oil spills or radiation under the sea.”

Jonathan Birnbaum ’08 (Finance)
Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“Chief operating officer of bank’s U.S. credit trading group, managing 100 bankers trading investment grade, high yield, and distressed debt.”

Natalya Brikner PhD ’15
Louis Perna ’09, SM ’14
(Manufacturing and Industry)
Cofounders, Accion Systems

“Accion is working to commercialize ion propulsion technology for small satellites using a liquid-ionic propellant that is nontoxic and nonexplosive.”

Arnav Chhabra G (Science)
Doctoral Candidate, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

“Chhabra published his first paper in high school. He’s now pursuing his PhD and his most recent thesis is focused on building a ‘liver on a chip’—a miniaturized liver model scientists hope could one day replace the use of animals for disease research.”

Abe Davis G (Science)
Doctoral Candidate, MIT

“Davis is best known for the subject of his TED Talk, in which he showed that he could capture information from video based on vibrations in the room.”

Adam Elmachtoub PhD ’14 (Science)
Assistant Professor, Columbia University

“Elmachtoub’s research is focused on using data science and optimizing algorithms to make businesses more efficient.”

Teasha Feldman-Fitzthum ’14 (Energy)
Cofounder, EverVest

“EverVest provides advanced software for analyzing, valuing, and financing renewable energy projects. The company got its start when Teasha, a researcher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, invented a machine-learning algorithm to better predict wind resources.”

Brian Fiske PhD ’15 (Healthcare)
Senior Associate, Flagship Ventures

“CRISPR, a new tool for making genetic alterations, is the hottest thing in science. This MIT PhD has put this technique to work making genetic alterations to cells to find proteins that can be hit with new drugs.”

Michael Grinich ’11
Christine Spang ’10
(Enterprise Tech)
Cofounders, Nylas

“While studying computer science and physics at MIT, Grinich wrote his thesis on the fundamental tools for syncing email. He founded Nylas (formerly known as Inbox), with fellow MIT alumna Spang in 2013…Spang, who wrote the core mail synchronization engine, runs its platform team, while Grinich is CEO.”

Ben Harvatine ’12 (Healthcare)
Founder, Jolt

“Harvatine aims to catch concussions as they happen. His sensor can be attached to anything on the head—headband, helmet, hair clip–and sends feedback to smartphones in real time.”

Noel Hollingsworth ’13, MEng ’14 (Sports)
Director of Data, Second Spectrum

“Hollingsworth won the 2014 Best Research Award at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Almost all NBA championship contenders use his work to gain an edge.”

Steven Keating SM ’12 (Healthcare)
Doctoral Candidate, MIT

“Keating found out that he had brain cancer after volunteering for an MRI experiment…the MIT researcher wants to know: why can my doctors see my tumor genome and not me?”

Andrew Leone ’09  (Finance)
Vice President, Nomura

“Heads one of Wall Street’s biggest VIX and structured volatility market making desks.”

Andrej Lenert SM ’10, PhD ’14 (Science)
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Michigan

“Lenert’s research focus is on finding the best way to harvest the sun’s energy. One avenue of his research was to develop a hybrid solar power system, combining the best of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems without their drawbacks.”

Maxim Lobovsky SM ’11 (Manufacturing and Industry)
Cofounder, Formlabs

“Formlabs’ printers are designed to allow for more precise parts to be created for more complicated 3-D printing projects.”

Rami Rahal PhD ’08 (Venture Capital)
Cofounder, Blue Cloud Ventures

“Rahal founded Blue Cloud Ventures, a NYC growth-stage firm focused on co-investing in software-as-a-service companies, alongside top VC firms, at age 25.”

Carl Schoellhammer PhD ’15 (Healthcare)
CEO, Suono Bio

“Schoellhammer invented a pill that can inject drugs directly into the gastrointestinal tract. The gadget helped him win the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.”

Harbaljit Sohal
Postdoctoral Scholar

“Sohal’s research focus is on building neural implants for the treatment of brain disorders, disability, and immunodisorders. He’s developed microfabrication technologies that are capable of creating small, flexible electrodes and other devices that can be more easily integrated into the body.”

Reid Van Lehn ’09, PhD ’14 (Science)
Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

“Van Lehn’s research is focused on chemically engineered nanoparticles and studying how they interact with cell membranes.”

Ari Weinstein ’17 (Consumer Tech)
Cofounder and CEO, DeskConnect

“MIT dropout Weinstein earned kudos at a 2012 LinkedIn hack day with his DeskConnect, a pair of iOS and Mac apps that provided the same feat of sharing files across multiple devices as Apple debuted later with AirDrop. Weinstein is now behind Workflow, an app that won Apple’s Most Innovative App award for 2015 and which generates task recipes across iPad, iPhone, or iWatch.”

Sajith Wickramasekara ’15 (Healthcare)
Cofounder, Benchling

“Wickramasekara has created a digital version of every scientist’s Bible: The lab notebook. The system helps researchers contextualize and collaborate on genome engineering data.”

Natasha Wright SM ’14 (Energy)
Doctoral Candidate, MIT

“Wright’s approach to removing salt from groundwater in rural India uses electrodialysis to extract the salt out of the water, and can run on solar power.”

Matt Zitzmann ’08 (Games)
Cofounder, Kamcord

“Kamcord’s mobile application allows users to record, share, and watch the games they play on their phones.”

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