Software and Web firms may dominate the field of companies going public in 2014, according to the Boston Globe. And among a short list of Boston-area companies compiled by the newspaper, MIT alumni hold significant leadership positions.

At Veracode, a security software firm based in Burlington, Mass., co-founder Christien Rioux ’98 serves as chief scientist. Joining him on the management team is Bob Walmsley ’84, the senior vice president for global sales.

Boston-based Wayfair is an online retailer that bills itself as the world’s largest selection of home furnishings. Over the past year, the company has begun advertising directly to consumers under the guidance of Ed Macri GM ’01, who serves as senior vice president of advertising and business intelligence.

And Hubspot, which makes a widely used software platform for inbound marketing, has a strong MIT presence on its leadership team. The company was c0-founded by CEO Brian Halligan MBA ’05 and CTO Dharmesh Shah SM ’06. As Hubspot has risen to 600 employees since 2006, the two founders have turned to MIT alumni to help manage the growth.

The Hubspot management team includes chief marketing officer Mike Volpe GM ’03, vice president for product strategy and corporate development Brad Coffey GM ’09, and Mark Roberge GM ’06, the chief revenue officer for Signals, HubSpot’s freemium sales tool.

See the Boston Globe slide show with the full list of likely Boston-based 2014 IPOs.

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