“Moonshots”—that’s the term adopted by the Google-hatched innovation forum Solve for X to describe a special kind of idea (found, not incidentally, in abundant supply at MIT). These are audacious notions, addressing massive global problems from cancer to climate change, that might be described as fantastical if they weren’t backed by emerging technologies that could turn them into reality.

Last year Solve for X established a website that now hosts hundreds of videos featuring big thinkers—engineers, architects, biologists, programmers, Ira Glass—with the imagination, guts, and/or know-how to aim sky-high. If the concept sounds reminiscent of the TED tagline “ideas worth spreading,” it’s no surprise that TED is a partner in the enterprise and has contributed videos of popular TED talks such as:

Before its website launched, Solve for X originated as an invitation-only TED-like gathering, which has also featured MIT faculty:

MIT Technology Review, another of the initiative’s partners, has contributed videos of honorees from the magazine’s annual TR35 (Innovators Under 35) list. Among them:

A sampling of other MIT alumni who are shooting for the moon:

Read more about Solve for X in the Huffington Post.

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